The passion of Dance, the love of Culture, the future of next generation, the promise to cultivate this rich Indian Classical tradition and impart it to the future generation, is my driving force.

Dance is my Shakti, my Shanti, my Sadhana, my power, my peace, my prayer- my ecstacy-mind, body  & soul.


Our Philosophy...

Rhythms of Dance & Music (RDM) follows the ancient traditions to provide a solid base and experiment with contemporary influences to keep these art forms relevant in today's society. We offer easy understanding, personal attention and detailed instructions!

Why Rhythms of Dance & Music (RDM)...

  • We provide our students with opportunities for advancement both academically as well on stage performances.
  • We offer lessons to all age groups including children, pre-teens, teens, young adults, adults, matured adults & Seniors.
  • Our dance studio has won awards for the excellent performance in Solo as well in group categories.
  • Rhythms of Dance& Music is proud to support various Not for Profit organizations in the community.
  • We consider it our privilege to work with Disadvantaged Children and autistc adults.
  • Affiliation with all-India examinations in Dance


  • Winners of various dance competitions!
  • Travelling performances in Tri State area!
  • Interviewed on TV & Print Media.